Potomac advises the family transmission of Atlantic Nature, leader in eco-responsible phytotherapy, financed by the private equity firms IDIA, UNEXO and BNPP

Based in Brittany, Atlantic Nature is the French leader in eco-responsible phytotherapy under its Nat & Form brand, with a historical CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) DNA, which was confirmed by the award of the Lucie 26000 label in 2022. The brand has a large portfolio of organic and natural plant-based products, covering all the claims of the market (vitality, digestion, sleep, stress, etc.). The company has set up a very dynamic multi-channel distribution in pharmacies with a critical size, as well as a growing presence among digital players, specialised shops and supermarkets.

With a historical growth rate of more than 15% per year and already around 20 million euros in turnover, Atlantic Nature aims to accelerate both digital and international distribution to become one of the French leaders in food supplements. The capital is being reorganised around an intra-family transfer project with three new minority investors: IDIA Capital Investissement, UNEXO and BNP Paribas Développement. The investors bring both health/agro expertise and a national and international network to pursue ambitious development.