Sales & Mergers

We advise our clients from A to Z on their sale, merger, or combination process by seeking the best partner; French or foreign; strategic industrial or financial investor; to maximize the value of the company

Each client and transaction is unique. According to their needs and the characteristics of their companies, we structure our client’s transactions to get the best deal

Our approach to negotiations in the healthcare sector, where Potomac has developed a high level of expertise in the M&A market, allows our clients to choose a buyer based on both strategic and financial concerns

Market & Company Analysis

We collect and analyze the information necessary to prepare high-quality marketing documentation, a key phase to maximize the value of any transaction

  • Collect the information needed
  • Market Analysis
  • Analysis of the Company, its activity, and its historical performance
  • Formalize a business plan

Prepare the commercial documentation

We draft in-depth and pertinent marketing documents, crucial for conducting multiple effective discussions/negotiations in parallel

  • Information memorandum
  • Teaser
  • Process letter
  • NDA
  • Data room with all relevant information including legal, HR, Tax, financial, operational details, etc…

Selection of the potential buyers

We approach and conduct discussions with potential buyers to obtain the best strategic option for our clients

  • Discussions with potential buyers
  • Obtain preliminary offers for comparison and select the best options
  • Coordinate due diligence & the sale process


We propose multiple quality offers to our clients allowing them to make a well-informed choice which best fits their expectations

  • Obtain final offers
  • In coordination with lawyers, finalize the deal including negotiating the share purchase agreement, potential guarantees, shareholders agreement, etc…


We advise our clients from A to Z on acquisitions, securing the best terms including structuring and financing the deal

We work with clients to source deals in strategic sectors or advise on transactions with pre-established targets

We advise our clients on how best to structure and implement their external growth strategy, whether in France or abroad

  • Find targets

    We select targets based on multiple predefined criteria with our client

    • Sector
    • Activity
    • Distribution
    • Size
    • Profitability
    • Location
    • Financing
    • Expected Synergies
  • Contact targets

    Our healthcare and financial expertise allows us to easily contact all targets

    • Organize preliminary meetings
    • Collect information
    • Perform multi-criteria evaluation
  • Prepare offers

    We advise our clients to draft preliminary offers focusing on key items

    • Think about HR and management package
    • Optimize and structure the financing
  • Coordinate audit

    We have developed considerable experience in coordinating the due diligence process

    • Check if key items are well addressed (legal, finance, tax, integration, etc..)
  • Final negotiations

    We help our client in drafting and negotiating the final offer

    • Help in drafting the final offer
    • Negotiation
    • Negotiate guarantees, shareholder agreements and other documents in coordination with lawyers
    • Finalize the financing


We advise our clients from A to Z in obtaining an optimal financing structure providing advice on raising capital, making acquisitions, and financial restructuring

We help our clients set up and optimize the necessary financing (capital, debt), adapted to our client’s business and their strategy (growth, redeployment, etc…), at the best cost available

Analyze the financing required

We analyze the financing needed to optimize the financing structure including equity vs debt

  • Analyze short and long term financing needed in relation to the strategy of the Company and its shareholders
  • Collect information
  • Analysis of the Company, its activity and its historical performance
  • Make the business plan

Prepare the commercial documentation

We prepare all documents needed and key to conducting multiple discussions in parallel to optimize the financing

  • Information memorandum
  • Process letter
  • NDA
  • Data room with all information including legal information, HR, Tax, financial, operational, etc..

Entertain discussions with investors & banks

We entertain discussions with potential investors including private equity firms, banks, strategic, etc.. able to finance the company

  • Finalize the list of potential financial investors
  • Discussion with potential investors
  • Obtain preliminary offer and comparison
  • Coordinate due diligences


We analyze with our clients the multiple offers and structure the best financing

  • Reception of the final offers
  • Finalization of the financing including negotiation of the legal documentation (shareholders’ agreement, guarantee, etc.) and banking documentation, etc. in coordination with lawyers