Landanger reconfigures its capital with the support of Credit Agricole and BNP and the former majority shareholder, the private equity firm 21 Invest France sells out completely

Founded in 1947, Landanger is a family-owned group with a long history in surgery and major innovations such as the “Corail” hip implant still one of the most implanted in the world. Following the acquisition of its orthopedic business by Johnson & Johnson in 1997, Landanger is now focusing on surgical instrumentation. Already leader in France, Landanger has developed a dynamic international strategy to expand worldwide including in the United States. The Group is growing strongly and steadily and reach €40 million of revenue by 2024.

Credit Agricole and BNP partner with the Management with the clear ambitious to become a European leader with a combination of organic growth and an ambitious acquisitions strategy in Europe and in the United States.