Potomac is proud to have advised Laure Ducroux, the passionate entrepreneur behind Laboratoires Laudavie (Calmosine) sold to Havea

Founded over 10 years ago by Laure Ducroux, a pharmacist, Laboratoires Laudavie have developed a strong brand Calmosine© in retail pharmacies focused on 3 products intended for the daily ailments of young children or mothers.

As the result of close collaborations with pediatricians, midwives and mothers, Calmosine Digestion© calms the the infant’s colic, Calmosine Sommeil© helps falling asleep, Calmosine Allaitement© promotes breastfeeding and the new Calmosine Baume Apaisant Lèvres soothes the child’s lips.

After being mandated by Laure Ducroux, Potomac Transactions structured the negotiation from the strategic review to its finalization with Havea Group, which appeared to be the best partner for Laudavie.

Selfcare European leader, Havea Group generates over 200 million euros in revenues through the development of a multi-brand strategy including the following : Aragan, Yves Ponroy, Biolane and Naturé Moi. With the acquisition of Laudavie/Calmosine© combined with its cosmetic brand Biolane, Havea aims to become a Babycare leader in retail pharmacies.