Gravier Laboratories

Laboratoire Gravier, based in Lussan, France, is considered as a pioneer of organic cosmetics. The shareholders were Jean François Gravier and Naxicap, a private equity firm. The Company develops and manufactures high-end organic cosmetics and household products. Jean-François Gravier spearheaded the growth of Laboratoire Gravier after taking the reins in 2002
In 2018, Potomac was instructed to look at the best strategic option for the shareholders and the Company. In a buoyant sector and after multiple discussions with strategic and financial potential buyers, Ekkio Capital acquired Laboratoire Gravier alongside Jean François Gravier and management. Ekkio Capital is a French independent leading private equity firm dedicated for more than 15 years to healthcare and high-potential growing companies

  • In 2018, revenues of €10 million
  • Distribution in organic specialty stores and retail pharmacies
  • Growth of more than 20% per year