« It was my first significant transaction and I appreciated Potomac’s strategic and analytical approach which highlighted the value of my business. Potomac conducted a negotiation process that generated serious interest from both strategic and financial potential buyers in order to finalize a favorable transaction with Chiesi»

Charles Elkrief, founder if Laboratoires NHCO Nutrition

Based in Nice, NHCO Nutrition was founded in 2008 by Charles Elkrief, a pharmacist and visionary entrepreneur who developed Aminoscience® in the food supplements market.
NHCO develops and distributes a full portfolio of food supplement products centered on amino acids and their benefits on human physiology and health including dermatology, diet and sport performance
In 2017, Charles Elkrief decided to review its strategic options with Potomac Transactions with the objective to secure and diversify its assets
In 2018, following a structured process that generated a lot of interest from strategic and financial buyers, the Italian pharmaceutical company Chiesi, which wished to diversify into OTC-type products, emerged as the best partner to accelerate the business of NHCO Nutrition

  • In 2018, revenues of €15 million
  • Portfolio of approx. 50 products centered on the health benefits of amino acids
  • Distribution primarily in the retail pharmacy sector