Group of pharmacies Lafayette

« Well, Potomac Transactions, Sébastien Drouot, even though this is what you are paid to do, I congratulate you because you exceeded all my expectations with your consistent professionalism, calmness, and flawless diplomacy. Well done! I’m telling you this, or rather I’m writing to you, because I guess few are the ones who do…Yours truly»

Dr. Lionel Masson, pharmacist and founder of group Pharmacie Lafayette, French leader in retail pharmacy

The Group Pharmacie Lafayette was founded in Toulouse in 2005 by two passionate entrepreneurs, Dr. Lionel Masson and Jean Michel Wurfel, who wanted to make health accessible to all and who had already been successfully operating their retail pharmacy on rue Lafayette in Toulouse for 10 years
The Group has rapidly developed a franchise business around a strategy of low prices, wide choice and pharmacist advice.
In 2015, the founders and management instructed Potomac to look at their best financial strategy going forward and to secure their wealth. In 2016, following a structured process that generated a lot of interest, Five Arrows investment fund (Rothschild) acquired a majority of the capital in October 2016.

  • In 2017, revenues of €600 million
  • 160 retail parapharmacies and pharmacies
  • Average revenues per pharmacy of 6 million
  • More than 686 clients per day per pharmacy
  • Revenues per m2 of more than 65 000 TTC