MBO Partenaires acquisition of Cellier Group

« I would like to thank Potomac Transactions for their professionalism and diplomacy which enabled us to merge two regional leaders in orthopedic equipment to create Orthoway, the 3rd largest player in the French market »

Cécile Nguyen, Partner of MBO Partenaires

The 2 companies, Cellier Orthopédie located in the northeast France region and Orthofiga located in the northwest France region were 2 regional leaders in the orthopedic equipment market
In 2016, MBO Partenaires, minority shareholder of Cellier Orthopédie instructed Potomac Transactions to find the best option to ensure the liquidity of its investment
The strategic option to merge Cellier Orthopédie and Orthofiga was favored to create a French leader and move into a new phase of development
Following a reciprocal audit and evaluation process, the merger was completed in 2017, creating the Orthoway Group, which is still funded by MBO Partenaires in order to grow the combined business.

  • In 2016, revenues of €23 million
  • 160 Employees
  • 19 entities in the northwest and northeast